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Gosexstories's Rules for Submission

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To have your site listed at please carefully read the following rules and conditions:

  • You must link back to us - and this link must be in place
    prior to submitting your site in order for us to verify where you are placing our link.
  • We do not accept sites that are hosted on a FREE HOST or Rev Share/Sponsor's HOST!
  • Your site Must be a story site or have a story catagory
  • Do not submit sites with your IP numbers in the address. Example:
  • We do not accept sites with pop-up consoles or new windows.
  • Pay sites are more than welcome, however we ask that you link to us from
    outside the protected area.
  • No blind or misleading links.
  • If you link to us from the page we are linking to, do not put the link under your "enter" button.
    The link back DOES NOT have to be on the 1st page, but if it is, it has to be above the enter link.
  • The name that you submit to us as the name of the site must actually appear on the site
  • The content must be on the same domain as the site.
  • Do not submit TGP gallery pages - We only accept free sites with a warning page
  • One submission per webmaster or webmaster group per day.
  • No submit bots, submit assistance, or paid submit services are permitted

  • NOTES:  Our link must be placed on a page that is accessible from your homepage (no more than two clicks away from your homepage) in order for our spider to verify its existence. 
    If the spider cannot find our link on your site, your site cannot be added to our Partner Directory. Our spider visits existing link partners daily to verify that our link has not been removed from a partner site.
    If our link no longer exists on your site, your link will be removed from our site. Any email addresses submitted to us will be used for purposes of the link exchange ONLY and will NOT be rented, sold, or used for any other purpose.  


    Gosexstories Linking Code and Optional Banners

    STEP 1:  Add a link on your website linking to our website. 

         To do so, you may copy-and-paste the following code into your site's code: 

    Gosexstories banner must be servered from your server if you choose to use one.

    sex stories free erotic fiction stories
    Thousands of 100% Free Sex Stories.

    STEP 2: 
    Fill out the form below and click the submit button only once.

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    • Location of Our Link on Your Site (URL)


    [Note: If our link is not yet "live" on your site, your email will be ignored.]

    Gosexstories Link Partners Submission Form

    Please fill in the relevant fields below. You can tell us your real name and email address if you want and we'll keep those details completely confidential if you like. address.

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    Author Information

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    STEP 3:  Consider it done!

    We will send our link-check spider to your site within a matter of hours to verify that our link has indeed been added. 
    Once our spider has verified the link, your site will be immediately added to our Partner Directory
    and you will be sent a confirmation email.