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My Wife's Male Stripper

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"by Rick"

It is a real story 
that occurred last week....I am still hard just recalling it.

The following is a true story that occurred in recently.  My wife and I have 
been faithfully married for close to ten years, that is until our recent 
adventure.  Late one night, as we settled into bed, I was incredibly horny.  
My wife is 29, but still looks as if she is 25, with great legs, an 
incredible ass, and firm breasts.  I reached over as I often do and began 
kissing her neck.  I then rose, asked her to lie on her back, and began 
tieing her to the bed using some of my silk ties.  Prior to tieing her, I 
removed all of her clothing except her silk panties.  We had done this 
several times before, and she always welcomed the idea.  Once tied up, I 
began teasing her body with my fingertips and toungue.  I worked every inch 
of her body to perfection.  I also began playing mind games with her...asking 
her to imagine that she is being touched by someone that picked her up in a 
nightclub.  She knows that the idea of her sucking and stroking another man 
is an incredible turn-on for me.  While she has always claimed that she could 
never do it with anyone else, she often plays along.  I pulled out a vibrator 
which I sometimes use on her during foreplay, and began running it over her 
body.  Finally, I allowed it to rest on her sweet slit, positioned firmly 
between her pussy and her panties.  I could tell she was very turned-on from 
her actions...head gently rocking side to side, and soft moans.  As I gently 
pinched her nipples, I asked her if she wanted him inside her....could she 
handle it.  I told her that he was very hard and wanted to stroke her and 
make her cum very hard.  I asked her if she wanted to feel how hard her was.  
She moaned YEEEES....As she did, I placed my cock up near her face and slid 
it over her lips.  Soon, she was sucking my hard cock with vigor, allowing it 
to slide in and out of her mouth while her toungue ran along the underside.  
I withdrew and asked her if she wanted him inside her....again, her answer 
was YEEEES.  I slid her panties to the side, and ever so slightly began to 
allow the vibrator to penetrate her pussy.  As it did, her hips bucked and 
her moans intensified.  I stroked her slowly at first, but soon I was 
literally fucking her with the vibrator.  Her whole body shook as she had a 
tremendous orgasm.  As she did, I bent down and began eating her until I had 
sucked up as much of her juices as I could handle.  I then placed my cock on 
her pussy and began stroking.  I told her how stretched out she was from his 
cock.  I let loose in about 10 minutes or so, and she orgasmed again with me.

The next day, I planned a surprise.  We settled down at about 9 PM, and began 
drinking a bottle of wine.  Wine in particular makes me wife incredibly 
horny, but wha's more, she becomes much more adventurous with less 
inhabititions.  As we drank, I reminded her of the previous night, to which 
she just continued to grin and moan lightly.   We finished the bottle by 
about 10:30.  About 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the door.  I had 
hired a male stripper / masseuse for my wife.  He entered wearing a pair of 
worn jeans and a tank top.  He was olive complexion due to his Italian 
ancestry, with dark hair...and I must admit, he had a great body.  He 
introduced himself to my wife and me.  She was shocked at first, not knowing 
what was happening, but within minutes, she had loosened up and was smiling.  
He sat next to her, began some some talk, then told us that he was ready to 
begin.  He said he liked to dance first, then give the massage....he asked my 
wife if that would be okay to which whe replied that it would be fine.  I sat 
across the room and watched as he removed his shirt to the music.  My wife's 
eyes were fixated on this guy.  At over 6 feet, and my wife sitting, he 
seemed to tower above her.  He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and began lowering 
them to his ancles.  As he did so, he turned so that his ass was facing her.  
As his pants were removed, he turned, and by the expression that came over my 
wife's face, I could tell she liked what he was hiding in his shorts.  His 
bulge was massive.  Her eyes glanced over at me, she shook her head ever so 
lightly, then focused back on this hunk before her.  I asked her if it was 
okay that I went in the other room for awhile.  She said YES without ever 
looking at me.  I left and began stroking myself with the pair of her silk 
panties from the night before.  Within about 10 minutes I had cum all over 
them.  I decided to return.  As I entered the room, He was leaning over my 
wife.  She had one hand on his cock and another on his balls.  As if he knew 
I had entered the room, he straddled her and she took him into her waiting 
mouth.  She sucked him like she couldn't get enough.  After a few minutes, He 
glanced over at me and told me he and my wife were going to our bedroom, and 
asked that I not interrupt for about an hour.  For an hour and a half, I 
could hear moans and groans coming from our room.  While I could feel some 
jealousy because this guy was obviously making my wife feel incredible, I was 
more turned-on by the thought of it.  I couldn't wait to have her describe it 
to me.  I heard the shower begin, and within about 20 minutes (now close to 2 
hours), they exited.  I paid him for his visit, and he thanked me.  He bent 
over and passionately kissed my wife, who was happy to return the kiss.  As 
he departed, I heard him whisper to my wife that he will see her again soon.  
After he was gone, she wouldn't tell me anything that happened, except to say 
that she had ultimately enjoyed herself.  Since that occurred 10 days ago, 
they have met again once.  This time, I was not home, but at work on a 
Saturday.  I drove into the driveway as he was leaving.  When I got inside, 
my wife was in the shower.  Despite what is obviously happening, I am still 
turned-on knowing this guy is fucking and being fucked by my wife.  Our sex 
life has not went south, at least as of yet, and she still enjoys being with 
me.  She just now is able to explore things that previously had been hidden 
and she wouldn't allow out.  She now openly accepts her love of sex, and 
views it as healthy, and not nearly as private as before.  She has even begun 
wearing clothes that before would not have fit into her conservative nature.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.