"A Vocation Lost-Part 2"

      by Tina Moran

      (MF, romantic, finger)

“Come on, “ I said. Let’s eat our lunch. After all of that I’m hungry.” “Shouldn’t we get dressed first”? he asked. “Why, are you cold? Sit down I said.”

We sat on the blanket and ate our sandwiches and talked.. “This must be the first time you ever saw a mature woman completely naked.” “ No, he said, and its not the first time I handled tits either.” I was shocked. He seemed so innocent...so pure. I thought I was the first and felt a bit jealous. ” Was it your sister? .” I asked. “ God, no," he said. “Do you think we are perverts?

“ Oh , I said “ Well who then. Tell me about it.”

“Well when I was 15 my aunt came to spend a day or two at our house while my father was away. She was a lot younger than my mother - maybe 20 or 21 and really well built and attractive. One day I was sitting in the back yard under a tree reading as I often did ,a short distance from the patio in back of the house. My mother had gone shopping leaving just Aunt Sara and me home. As I was sitting there reading Aunt Sara came out to the patio and went to the lounge chair. She pretended she didn’t see me sitting under the tree and she started slowly stripping - first her blouse, then her skirt . She had brought a portable radio out with her and it was playing music and she was moving her body in time with the music, a kind of sexy dance. So there she was dancing in her bra and panties and then she took her bra off and slowly pushed her panties down. I knew she was putting on a show for me and I knew I shouldn’t watch but I did anyway. Then she looked in my direction and said “ Hi Tim. I didn’t know you were home. Would you do something for your auntie?”

I got up and tentatively walked over. hiding the front of my pants as best I could with the book. She looked at me. “You’re blushing. You don’t have to be embarrassed.After all I am your aunt so it's all right if you see me naked. We’re family. Honey , “ she said “ I want to take a sun bath .Would you be a good boy and rub this sun lotion on your aunt's back? “

“Ok, “ I said. She laid down on her stomach and I knelt down and began to rub the sun lotion on her. “Umm,” she said, “that feels so good. Now do it down further , that’s it cover my butt and now between my legs. Oh , you do a really good job.” Then she turned over. “Now the front,” she said. "But.. but you can do the front yourself . Your can reach it all right.” “But you do such a good job and I don’t want to get that greasy stuff all over my hands so help your auntie out .”

I poured some more lotion into the palm of my hand and rubbed her neck and her chest between her breasts

“ Now honey, don’t forget your aunties titties ,” and she took my wrist and placed my hand on one of her breasts. As I rubbed her breasts I noticed her nipples getting bigger- and that’s the first time I knew that nipples get erect.. I saw yours get erect when you were wearing that T-shirt without a bra." br> “ I thought you’d never notice. Another mortal sin, “ I said smiling. “Well what happened then..?” She made me do the whole front of her, between her legs , the inside of her thighs - everything .But I refused to put my hand on her... her...." “ "Cunt or pussy or even vagina if you don’t like those words.“ “ I guess you know what I mean. Well anyway I finally stood up and said, ”There. All finished.” She smiled “You can keep rubbing me if you would like to.” She looked at the bulge in my pants.” I can tell you would like to.” She reached out and unzipped my pants. “Let me see what you’re hiding in there, “ she said and she reached in pulled out my... my...” “Cock”, I said. “Or prick, or dick, or peter or...what ever. So what did she do then?”

“She began playing with it - kind of like what you did -- and it felt so good. “ This is nice, “ she said.“ Nice and big. I bet you have a good time playing with this, “ and then we heard a door bang . “Oh my God, “ she said. "Your mother’s home . Put that thing away ...quick.”

I stuck it in my pants just as my mother was coming outside.” What’s going on? “Mom shouted. “What are you doing with Tim, Sara? Why are you doing exposing yourself ? Don’t you have any decency? Don’t you know any better?" Then she looked at me. “Go up to your room, Tim. I’ll talk to you later”

I left but I could still hear them talking

“ This isn’t my fault, “ Aunt Sara said. “I didn’t know Tim was home and I just came out to get a tan. I was just lying here and I saw Tim hiding behind that tree watching me. I was disgusted with him, spying on me while I was naked so I called him over and gave him a tongue lashing. Besides he’s just a kid. What difference does it make if he sees a naked woman?" “He’s 15 and hardly a little boy anymore. Didn’t you see that he had an erection under his pants?” “ I guess I didn’t notice, “ she said. ”Well anyway it’s time he found out what women look like.“

“He doesn’t need you as a teacher. You get dressed and don’t you ever expose yourself to my children again.”

I shook my head. “ What a wicked woman- trying to corrupt an innocent boy like that. “ Tim laughed and looked at me slyly. “ You would never do anything like that , would you?”

I took a towel and playfully threw it in his face. “Don’t mock me, Timmy boy. You’re no innocent 15 year old.”

I was sitting cross legged across from him sipping a soda. He turned and faced me and my croch was exposed to his view, a sight I am sure he never had before in all his long life. What an education that boy was getting. I looked over at him and saw his cock was moving in spurts, growing with each spurt. I watched, fascinated. at the expansion process. “ It looks like Lazarus has risen.” I said. “That’s quite a trick. How do you do it.” “It’s an allusion, “ he said . “ It’s done with mirrors to deceive naughty girls.”

“ Then I must be a naughty girl, “I said and crawled over to where he was lying.. I reached down and encircled his scrotum. “ Are the little marbles in here your balls?" I asked“ “ Yes , but be careful how you play with them. They are very sensitive.”

I took his cock in my other hand. “Now I have a bolt and two nuts. What should I make?” “ How about a good time, “ he said. I smiled. Finally I was going to get what I had been after all summer. “ I can go for that.” He was stretched out on the blanket. I got on top of him “ I‘ m going to ride you bareback. You ready for the ride.”.

“Hold your hat, “ I said and I mounted him. placing a knee of each side and my middle over his cock. Then I eased it in to my cunt. “ Be gentle” I said “I’m a virgin.” I eased myself down on his dick, careful as it hit a barrier. It broke through and it felt like a pin prick and then I rode him up and down . up and down, and then back and forth with my cliteris rubbing against him. I could feel the warmth of his ejection surging into me and the that same time I climaxed., I groaned and felt warm all over and pulled his face down to mine. “Oh thank you, thank you, I said.” That was so... so.. oh so thrilling. “ You are one great rider” , he said . I’d like to saddle you up forever.” “ I took a napkin and wiped the blood from my leg. “Tim watched. “ Is that from your maiden head?”. “ Why, Tim. I’m surprised you knew about that. Yeah you burst my cherry and as long as I live I wall always remember the man who took my virginity from me” “ And I will always remember the woman who took mine away,” he smiled. His penis went down to the size of a peanut. We lay on the blanket and looked up at the darken sky. “ Isn’t sex wonderful, “ I said. “ And you plan to live the rest of your life without it. That’s crazy.” “ You know, sex is a problem,” he said.. “ That experience with my aunt haunted me through my seminary days. How do you erase that image from your mind, your experience. That body, that breast, that... that pubic area and the touch of her on my penis. I suffered. I agonized I would lay in bed at night trying to get to sleep and visions of her body, her touch would come into my head and every time I would get -- my penis would get rigid and throb and I would have to get up and take a shower or read - try to think of something else.” “ Why didn’t you just jerk off,” I said .“Get some relief.. Everyone does it. You must have thought of that.” “Yes, but I couldn’t. That is a mortal sin and it was drilled into us from an early age that you mustn’t touch yourself like that. And it isn’t just the church. Everybody said that - the Boy Scouts, everybody. So I never did. “ “ Aren’t you the holy one, “ I said. “I’m not quite so pure. When I was in high school, ninth grade, my schedule was changed for a day and I went to lunch at a different time. None of my friends were eating then so I sat down at a table where three other girls were sitting. They were all upper classmen - juniors I think. They ask my name and my grade and then one of them asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no and she said ‘ Oh you should get one. You can have so much fun with them. Do you know what my boyfriend did Saturday night? We were sitting in his car kinda making out and he slipped his hand up my shirt and started playing with my boobs. I told him to stop but he didn't and the next thing I know he has my bra off and opens my shirt and starts sucking on my nipples. It felt so good I just couldn’t make him stop. Then he put my hand on his dick and had me rub it back and forth back and forth until he exploded in his pants. He must of had a real mess when he got home.”

The second girl told how her boy friend had lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off . I tried to stop him, she said , but I really wanted him to.“ He tried to put his pecker in my cunt but she wouldn’t let him so he massaged me down there until I had an orgasm “Then he girl next to her told about how she loved to lick her boy friends dick. She had a banana on her lunch tray. She picked it up peeled it and said “This is how I do it” Then she began to lick the banana and put in in her mouth and move it back and forth.” She rolled her eyes and moaned. The two other girls were laughing and egging her on. “Go Laura go” they yelled. By now about everyone in the lunch room was looking at our table and laughing . They all started chanting too until a teacher came over and took Laura to the office. “ I was totally embarrassed and felt like dropping through the floor “I don’t know if their stories were true or not but I know they were for my benefit that they were trying to shock me,corrupt this young innocent girl . I was so embarrassed and thought their stories were gross. But I couldn’t get them out of my mind and I would lay in bed and imagine what it was like to experience those things and I would get excited and then play with myself until I had an orgasm. Maybe it was sinful but it sure helped me to relax. Ever since I have never been able to look at a banana without recalling that girl’s graphic description. I started to masturbate again after I started seeing you and you refused to give me any relief from my sexual tension.” ”I never knew girls masturbated “, he said. “Why? you don’t think we’re human? Oh, Tim. You have so much to learn about women. We're not all up on a pedestal, you know" "Let me ask you something,"he said. "After what we did how do you know you won't get pregnant?" "I say a little prayer,"I said "You don't seem like the praying kind to me. What prayer do you say?" "It goes like this. Oh Mary who conceoved without sin help me to sin without conceiving." Tim laughed. "That has to be scacrilegious." " I don't care what it is as long as it works." I answered It was getting dark. The stars were out and there was a big yellow moon shining down. I snuggled over to Tim and felt the comfort of his body next to mine. “I love being here with you like this, “I said. I don’t want to ever leave. I reached up and kissed his lips. We were still naked on this torrid night. Then I reached down and started playing with his penis which was flaccid, After a few squeezes it started to stiffen and come back to life. “ We have to go soon, “ I said. “ How about one more fuckaroo? I should say one more mortal sin.” He laughed and rolled over on top of me. “ Think you can find the hole?” I asked him. “That’s not a hole. It’s a cave of unimaginable delights, a labyrinth of secret pleasure, a path of ... of” “Stop the babble and get the hell in there. I’m aching for it.” He made a couple stabs without success so I had to take ahold of his shaft and guide it into my slit. Oh it felt so good and since he had already come a couple times he could stay longer. He lifted his body with his toes so his weight shifted to the area where my clitoris was and he began to grind kind of in a circle and it felt so good and I gasped and then I had the greatest orgasm I had ever had in my life. Oh God ! It was so wonderful. And when it was over and he got out of me I couldn’t stop throbbing.. “ Finally I calmed down. “ Tim, I said,” when you say your prayers tonight thank God for inventing sex.”.

- The End -

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